About the Artist

My name is Nicolle, also known as glitchanova, and I am a Graphic Design student experienced in illustration and visual communication. My background in creative problem solving and unleashed artistic ideas explain my intuitive, inspired approach to situations.

I am greatly motivated by my passion for communicating the truth of our humanity through visual media and understanding how the world learns. I consider myself an ‘eternal student’; eager to add to my academic accomplishments and knowledge, plus stay updated with the latest design technology developments through continuous studies and observations in my professional area.

My goal is to share my work, be it digital or traditional, with everyone no matter where they are. I find enjoyment in self improvement and learning new things through experimentation, as I try to be as varied and open minded with my work and ideas. I believe in a world that can be changed through positivity, honesty and communication; which is the focus for all the work I do and how I view everything around me on a daily basis.

I hope you enjoy what I share here and I’m always listening to constructive opinions. You are always welcome to talk to me, I love the feedback.